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YICOM’s ability to maintain a safe and competent workforce directly impacts our ability to operate with excellence around our blocks. We recognize the value of training and take steps to meet our ever-increasing training needs. The Company’s training organizations collaborate with leadership teams, Health, Environmental and Safety experts, and others to identify our training risks. We have developed competency-based training strategies to ensure our workforce has the skills needed to work safely and effectively and to mitigate the following risks of an untrained or poorly trained workforce:

– Increased potential for safety incidents
– Increased potential for worker injuries
– Increased potential for spills, releases and environmental incidents High employee turnover rates

Training and development for YICOM’s workforce begins on the employee’s first day on the job and continues throughout his career. Orientation activities are a team effort to ensure the employee understands the Company’s values and safety culture. As the employee’s career progresses, the competency-based training and development program provides the means to assess the employee’s skill level and identify additional training needs. Structured on-job-training (OJT) is a critical component for a competency-based program. Successful OJT requires the involvement of YICOM supervisors, mentors and subject matter experts to ensure knowledge transfer from our experienced employees to our less experienced employees. OJT has been used effectively in Block-5 to accelerate new employees to job competency and address the continuing challenges of a shortage of experienced workers in our country.

YICOM provides the whole staff with a uniqe services in:
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– Safety [read more].
– Security [read more].