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1-West Ayad Field:

a- 72 wells drilled in West Ayad Field.

b- 56 wells connected to 7 manifolds and each manifold linked to CPU via 6 inch flow line.

2-Center Processing Units(CPU)

a- 2 NATCO separators with capacity of 10,000 bbl. Another Separator with capacity of 10,000 bbls as spare.

c- 3 Oil tanks with total capacity of 18,000 bbl.

d- Chemical injection unit.

e- 2 shipping pumps linked to MOPS via 19 km  pipeline.

f- Firefighting system

g- Control, generators, Mechanical, medical, electrical and welding rooms in addition spare parts store.

h- Office and accommodation camp

3- Main Oil Pumping Station (MOPS):

a- 2 oil Tanks with total capacity of 36,000 bbl.

b- 2 shipping pumps and booster pumps.

c- Firefighting System.

d- Generators and office rooms.

4- Oil Pipe Line:

a- 204 km length with 53cm diameter

b- Valve stations

d- 2 throttling stations ( 129 and 204 km).


a- 5 oil Tanks ( 120,000 X 5 = 600,000 bbl.)

b- Generators room.

c- 3 shipping pumps

d- Control room, mechanical, electrical room.

e- Firefighting system.

f- Accommodation camp.

g- Submarine oil pipeline 3.5 km length.

6- SBM:
a- Floating hose pipe for tanker.