YICOM Overview

YICOM was established in Yemen as the first company to work in the field of oil and gas exploration and production. Due to the economic importance of YICOM, and for the purpose of realizing its objectives it was given by the law of its establishment a number of privileges, Such as:

▪ The company has legal and juridical personality.
▪ Enjoys complete financial and administrative autonomy.
▪ Has the right to participate with capitals wholly owned by it or participate in companies.
▪Has the right to establish companies, with capitals wholly owned by it or participate in companies.

Our Mission Statement

YICOM aspires to be a leading international, independent oil and gas investor and manager with superior technical knowledge and cost effective implementation.

Our Vision

Our commitment to remain as a national leader in the production of petroleum-based energy is complemented by our commitment to help solve a host of pressing issues in Yemen. We believe we can make a difference wherever we do business by investing in innovation and entrepreneurship, creating educational opportunities, powering economic progress, increasing environmental awareness, and working in partnership for energy sustainability.