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YICOM Scholarships Program :
To further support Yemen in building its human resources, Ministry of Oil and Minerals, YICOM and KNOCYL are pleased to announce the availability of 10 undergraduate scholarships to Malaysia for Yemeni youth who intend to continue their education. This is a fair opportunity where scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis.
Bachelor Degree (10 Scholarships in English Language)
Application to this program is now closed. Please apply next time once announced. Thanks for your interest.

o Petroleum Engineering.
o Oil & Gas Management
o Oil & Gas Accounting
o Law in Petroleum industry.

The below should be included in the application for the scholarship program:
1. Yemeni National.
2. Submit a secondary school certificate ( certified copy ).
3. A minimum of 80% on secondary school certificate ( science section ).
4. Have a TOEFL score of at least 500 or IELTS score of 5.0.
5. To be between (18-22) years old.
6. To meet the university admission requirements.
7. Pass the medical examination.
8. Must commit to return to work in Yemen after completion of the program.
9.Filling the application form for scholarship.

Yemen Investment Company in Oil & Minerals (YICOM),
– Fax: (+967 2 236670)