Reservoir Engineering Software

The ECLIPSE industry-reference simulator offers the most complete and robust set of numerical solutions for fast and accurate prediction of dynamic behavior—for all types of reservoirs and degrees of complexity, structure, geology, fluids, and development schemes.

ECLIPSE reservoir simulators have been the benchmark for commercial reservoir simulation for more than 25 years and cover the entire spectrum of reservoir simulation. A wide range of add-on options allow users to tailor simulator capabilities.
The ECLIPSE Blackoil simulator delivers three-phase, 3D reservoir simulation with extensive well controls, field operations planning, and comprehensive enhanced oil recovery (EOR) schemes.

The ECLIPSE Compositional simulator describes reservoir fluid phase behavior and compositional changes, when modeling multicomponent hydrocarbon flow. • The ECLIPSE FrontSim simulator models multiphase fluid flow along streamlines, supporting both geological model screening and pattern flood management. • The ECLIPSE Thermal simulator supports a wide range of thermal recovery processes, including steam-assisted gravity drainage, cyclic steam operations, toe-to-heel air injection, and cold heavy oil production with sand.
Additional simulation options include ECLIPSE Coalbed Methane and Advanced Wells.